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Tip #28 – Travel Toiletries

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
Keep your travel bottles organized.

Keep your travel bottles organized.

No matter how often you travel, it always seems such a challenge to keep all of those 3 ounce containers organized. Here’s an idea that could help. When you return home from your trip, refill your travel containers, put them back in your quart bag and return them to your cabinet. Everything will be ready to go for your next trip.

Tip #19 – Trash Volume

Monday, January 19th, 2009
Get rid of the air to get rid of volume.

Get rid of the air to get rid of volume.

Lower the volume of your trash.  Before throwing your soda bottles, milk jugs, etc., do the following:  with the cap off, squeeze out as much as possible, and then put back on the cap.  With this little trick, will help you cut down the volume of your trash and recyclables.

Tip #16 – Plastic in the Garage

Saturday, January 17th, 2009
Use plasitc storage containers.

Use plasitc storage containers.

During this time of year, the mice are on the prowl for a warm, dry place to nest for the winter. A great way to keep the mice out and your belongings in, is to store items in strong, plastic containers

In your garage, basement, or crawl space, you can store items including: clothing, holiday decorations, bird seed, etc, in a durable plastic container. Personally, I use the Rubbermaid brand. I have two containers in my garage that keep my sunflower seeds, corn, and other bird seeds away from the mice. The covered, plastic trashcans also work great for storage.

Depending on where you live, it may be beneficial to keep your items in this type of container year round.

Tip #13-Reusing Plastic

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
You can reuse your plastic bags in a variety of ways.

You can reuse your plastic bags in a variety of ways.

We all get plastic bags from a variety of places: produce at the grocery store, items we purchase at various stores, our newspaper, Ziplocs from food, and more.

Don’t just throw them in the trash – REUSE them! Here are several ideas that will help you reuse your plastic bags:

  • Use a Ziploc more than ONE time – especially with sandwiches, chips, and some fruits.
  • Carry your lunch to work or school in a plastic grocery sack.
  • When you’re out playing sports, camping, or just enjoying the outdoors, take along a few grocery sacks for wet and/or dirty clothing and shoes.
  • Keep misc. items organized in your family vehicle using a plastic bag.
  • Use any of the sacks to clean up after your pooch while on a walk.
  • And for those of you who are really pinching pennies, you can even wash out your Ziplocs with soap and water and reuse them. (If you’re bag contained raw meat, it’s best to not reuse the bag.)
  • Take the grocery bags that are in good shape back to the store for a second time.
  • Use your produce bag for all or part of your lunch. They also work great for some leftovers.
  • Place your grocery sack in a small wastebasket as a liner.  Fill it, pull it out, tie it off, and throw it away.  (Or you may even be able to reuse it again!)